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PLAYBOX 9.4.2 Beta(h)

This Beta-release contains a bug fix of all known bugs...

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PLAYBOX 10 Beta(f)

The new Beta contains a lot of new stuff. You can use embedded cover images from mp3 files, get a selection of all files from the folder with one click. At this time you will also get a new Karaoke Editor which is be able to import UltraStar Karaoke files. You can edit notes and their length, together with the new PLAYBOX Karaoke Mode you will be able to create great karaoke events. The Disaster Recovery Pack now support the new database. You can backup, restore, create or delete databases. With an new tool you will be able to update your existing data from PLAYBOX 9.4 to 10. It is called "ConvertDB.exe" and you will find it in the "system/dll/" folder.

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PLAYBOX 9.4.1 Beta(c)

As promised, development of PLAYBOX 9.4 will be continued parallel to new r10.

In this beta all known bugs are fixed. Especially one bug that failed sometimes to read correct v3.1 mp3 header during import.

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PLAYBOX 10 Beta(c)

Besides of BugFixes, the new Beta of release 10 contains following new features:

  • Reinitialisation after StandBy of Computer. For example to close and reopen a Laptop
  • The "Edit database entry" menu is now complete. Volume calculations and fade settings are reimplemented
  • Extract cover pictures from mp3 files during import

You will find the download as always in the beta section. This is only an update, so you need an installed PLAYBOX 10 release.

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The latest release supports AAC file format. If you import files from iTunes, take care that they are not protected.
  • New Player for PLAYBOX Professional
  • Supports AAC and M4P files, known from iTunes Music Store
  • Amazon Cover Download updated and working with new Amazon Interface
  • Karaoke Microphon functions. On/Off, Volume and Echo Effect on Mixer Panel
  • Flickering of cover image in the main screen fixed
  • Sometimes the player hangs during fast forward or rewind
  • Playlists, favorits and photoalbum was not shown for the first time
  • Entering of setup failed on some systems
  • All known bugs are fixed.

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