Our PLAYBOX Professional has been developed in close collaboration with the gastronomy sector with the aim of creating an all-round entertainment system. It can manage and play music, video and karaoke files in various formats. Special entertainment options, such as SMS Chat, SMS Queries, e-mail, DVD, TV, radio and more than a dozen games have been combined and can be accessed using a colourful and particularly easy to operate 3D user interface.
The incorporation of promotional image, sound and video elements is also possible, and a promotional image editor is provided. The system is suitable for pubs, cafes, clubs, discotheques, kiosks and other situations in which the provision of a customer entertainment option is desired.

Playback in various multimedia formats

In addition to audio files, the system can also play video and karaoke files. Information on the various files is stored in a database and files can thus be found within seconds. There are more than 20 different search options.
The special PLAYBOX tag header saves information on the files. This means that titles can be readily imported into the database and distributed to other PLAYBOX users without loss of information.
The in-built scheduler means that play lists and other functions (e.g. computer power-down) can be planned and managed. Playlists and volume can be quickly and easily adjusted using the clearly arranged menus or the touchscreen.
Using the karaoke editor supplied, you can generate your own karaoke files from existing music files within minutes.

  • Playback of audio, video and karaoke files.
  • Relational database for title management.
  • Special PLAYBOX header saves information.
  • Multifaceted scheduler
  • Manage and play back podcasts.
  • Karaoke editor included.


Description and operation

The system has been optimised so that it can be operated from a touchscreen. You don't need mouse and keyboard. You can block unauthorised access to various functions using the password system. It is also possible to disable individual music titles.
State-of-the-art 3D technology is used for the display. This can be used to create colourful and smoothly animated effects. In 2006, PLAYBOX won the British "Best Use Of Technology Award".

  • Colourful and fluent animation.
  • Fully supports latest 3D technology.
  • Touchscreen operation.
  • Password protection for various functions.



PLAYBOX has an extensive advertisement management system. Freeze images and animations (video and flash) can be shown. Two separate schedulers coordinate the playback of promotional files. The simple advert administrator provides a slide show of promotional images. The advanced advert administrator makes it possible to specify when promotional images are to be shown. If you want to prepare advertising for sponsors, you can use the built-in audit function to check the play times of each commercial.
Thanks to the advertisement editor supplied, you can also prepare and edit promotional images using the touchscreen and thus rapidly create complex and eye-catching advertising images.
Audio advertising is also possible. This is also managed by the scheduler, and advertising spots can be announced via jingles. Jingles can also be directly played.

  • Freeze-frame or animated promotional images.
  • Simple and advanced advertisement management.
  • Promotional images can be produced using the advertisement editor.
  • Audio advertising with scheduler.
  • Management and playback of jingles.


Music file management

A relational database provides for rapid management of music files. A wide range of details and playback options can be configured for each entry. It is even possible to disable and release individual titles. An internal evaluation system means that unpopular titles can be readily identified and removed from the playlist.
Playlists can be prepared manually or with the help of the intelligent Smart Playlist function. A daily journal of titles played is saved. But you can also prepare a list of favourites and manage this like a playlist.

  • Rapid relational database.
  • Manual or automatic generation of playlists.
  • Intelligent Smart Playlist function.
  • Saves title journals and favourites.
  • Easy import of updates on CDs.
  • Export in various formats.



PLAYBOX provides everything for the entertainment needs of your guests. More than 20 games are available, including genuine arcade classics and games specially designed to bring traffic to your premises.
Plugins supplied support TV, radio and DVD players (assuming the hardware is compatible). Drivers for remote control and coin-operated devices are also supplied.
Manage all your photo needs using the Photo Manager. Images can be directly input from a camera and can be graphically modified. You can generate a photo album manually or with the help of the Advertisement Manager. Individual photos can even be animated.
It is possible to connect a Nokia mobile to the system to send SMS text messages or to request titles. The SMS Manager acts like an e-mail programme and controls incoming and outgoing messages. A list of contacts can be generated and managed while multi-address broadcasting is also possible via SMS, and much more. Services such as SMS Chat and SMS Queries can also be accessed using the SMS software. Any singles among your guests will be pleased by the availability of the SMS Dating Line.

  • More than 20 games available.
  • Supports radio, TV and DVD players.
  • Coin operation with credit control.
  • Photo Manager for photos.
  • SMS function for guestbooks, chat and queries.
  • SMS Manager for user management and generation of queries.
  • SMS Dating Line.

It is not possible in the space provided here to describe in detail all the other functions that PLAYBOX can provide for you. If you would like more information or a demonstration, please contact your local dealer or us directly.


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We started to develop PLAYBOX back in the year 1997. One year later, 1998, we finished the first public release. During the last years we added a lot of features and improvements to create the best tool for your entertainment.
It is very important for us that you are satisfacted. Most features are based on ideas and wishes of your customers.
You know about the fast moving business in the computer industry and we are now for over ten years a competent partner of your costumers. And we will stay...

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP
  • 2 GHz Pentium or higher
  • 512 MB Ram (1GB recommended)
  • 150MB free space on Hard Disc
  • 64MB DirectX 9.x comp. Graphic Card
  • 1 free USB connector
  • PCI Sound Card
  • CD-ROM Disc Drive
  • Optional: Dual Head Graphic Card
  • Optional: Touchscreen
  • Optional: Internet connection
  • Optional: Web-Cam
  • Optional: Network card 10/100Mbs
  • Optional: Nokia SMS Mobile Phone
  • Optional: Hauppauge WinTV Radio&TV

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